At Merkur Aviation we offer a wide range of services from Air Charter Services to Sales Support for Airlines and Flight Support services for flight operations and charter flights are included in this range as well.

Flight Support For More Successful Flight Operations

Flight Support is necessary for airlines to conclude their flight operations in a more subtle and safer way, therefore within the framework of our Flight support service, we offer Supervision &Representation, Ground handling, Fueling, Security, Catering and Dispatching Arrangements, Overflight& Landing Permission and Airport Slots, Maintenance and Accomodation& Transportation Arrangements for all kinds of flight operations including chartered flights. All these Flight support services are necessary elements of a smooth and complete flight operation, therefore working with a professional team is a key fact in succeeding the flight operation directly and the same thing is even more important for chartered flights since air charter services needs extra attention to each detail about the charter flight service. With our experience in the aviation area and knowledge on flight support, we are definitely the right choice for all kinds of flight operations. To provide hassle-free flight operations and air charter services, our experienced, professional and multi-lingual OCC team works 24/7 and controls the whole process step by step, so that they can intervene at any problem or even before the problem arises.

Contact and More Information on Flight Support Services

Our well-thought Flight Support services will help you benefit from each flight operation and air charter service and our experienced OCC team is available 24/7 to help you run a hassle-free flight operation. To learn more about our Flight Support Services you can contact us or visit us in our offices; we will be more than happy to work with you and help you grow and run smooth flight operations.

Supervision & Representation

We offer representation and supervision services which ensures a complete and smooth airline operation. We are also highly experienced in assisting airlines in Start-up operations according to the Turkish CAA and State Airports Authority as well as liaising with all related parties.

We are specialized in providing first class station management, representation and supervisory services to airlines and aircraft operators flying to all airports in Turkey.


Representation is the operation planning stage of the whole service. Our OCC center - working on 7/24 basis- will obtain all seasonal/charter permits and slots, arrange whole services on ground such as handling, fueling, catering etc.


By monitoring everything throughout the entire operation, we can intervene on any issue that may occur at any time. We make sure that we keep an eye on the complete operation which enables us to make the correct decisions through the operation. We make sure that all service providers deliver up to the agreed standard and motivate the staff involved to give their best. With Merkur Supervision, airlines feel comfortable with their flights.

Ground Handling Support

Within our Flight Support services we also offer Ground Handling services as Merkur Aviation to complete and make your flight operation smoother to run without any problem.  As part of our Handling services, we arrange and supervise all kinds of services including Ramp, Passenger Services, VIP arrangements and Cargo handling within the framework of Ground handling. 

Handling Services

It is a common fact known by all aviation experts that all of the Ground handling companies around the world tries to deal with many flights at once and this usually results in lack of quality in service but as your eyes in the sector, we are here to make sure that you receive the service you paid for, therefore we supervise each and every step of our Handling services.

Handling of VIP, Corporate and Ambulance Flights

We have a very sensitive understanding about the nature of handling VIP, Corporate and Ambulance Flights and we deliver them with special care and provide the highest quality on all of the requested handling services and with our extensive network of global service partners we are focused on fulfilling your needs on handling.


Whether it's Members of a Parliament, Diplomats, Senior Public Servants, International Dignitaries, Chief Executive Officers of major companies or even Royalty, all VIPs enjoy our 5-star Ground support and handling service.

Because of the fact that we set you and your desires as our primary focus and with our attention to detail, we are among the best in VIP-flight arrangements.

Air Ambulance

If you are looking for a fast, efficient but also a friendly service, we are at your service for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to accommodate all your air ambulance operations with maximum level of on-time performance and efficiency. We are completely aware of the sensitive case of the passenger on board. Therefore, all requested arrangements will be handled out of the aircraft.

Private / Business

If a flight is private, it needs private service and its passenger on board expects to be pampered. Therefore Ground-handling of a Private Jet should be as the customer expects as well and since we are effective in General Aviation area, our terminal, lounge facilities, VIP catering are available as long as the airport that is being used is capable of these services.

Prices and More on Ground Support and Handling Services

Our professional and well-trained field supervisors' priority is to ensure that our customers receive healthy Ground support and handling services. With Merkur Aviation you are offered to work with a professional team whose efforts are just for you. For more information on our Ground Support and Handling Services and related prices, you can contact us 24/7 without any hesitation.

Fuel arrangement

Fuel Arrangement is a big part of Flight Support services because it is critical for airport operations as well. Since Fueling can be expensive, it is important to get a service at low-cost & cost-efficient while still maintaining the quality of the fuel and staying in compliance with the rules and standards of the fueling of aircrafts. Therefore, as part of our Flight Support services in Merkur Aviation we also offer our customers Fueling services in order to provide them with a full and customer-friendly service. With Merkur Aviation Fuel Arrangement Services, you are absolutely assured to get both reliable and cost-efficient fueling services which will meet the growing demands and standards of your business.

Fueling Services

Within the concept of our Fueling Services, we certainly hold advantageous prices to offer to our customers at all times by the volume of the fuel supplied to their flight. With the volume of the fuel that we supply to your aircraft, we can offer a variety of advantageous fueling prices that will suit you in the best way possible. Since fueling the aircraft is important and usually costs more than expected, our advantageous fueling prices will definitely satisfy your budget while providing a smooth flight operation. For our fueling services’ team, it does not matter whether you are an aircraft operator, owner or a supplier, with our extensive network of suppliers we are here to provide you with the best fueling prices. 

Prices and More on Fuel Arrangement Services

Competitive fuel price quotations can differ from location to location; as both for Turkey and worldwide. Members from our professional team will be more than willing to provide you with up-to-date competitive fuel prices. So, in order to learn more about the fuels, fuel prices and our fueling services, you can contact our offices 24/7. 


Within the Merkur Aviation Flight Support services, we also offer Accommodation and Transportation arrangement services for our clients. Advantageous Accommodation and Transportation service offers are as important as any other flight support services that should run smoothly and therefore as Merkur Aviation, our professional team prepares best offers possible in cooperation with you, your needs and your preferences. Since Merkur Aviation is part of Merkur Holding which also has a company serving in the tourism and travel sector, we have certain agreements with top hotels and transportation companies. With the advantage of that we are able to offer the best combination of Accommodation and Transportation service offers for our clients within our Flight Support services. 

You will find more than expectations with Merkur Aviation Flight Support services.

Crew Accommodation and Transportation Arrangements

We offer various services in our Flight Support service scope and under our Accommodation and Transportation services, we make arrangements for the crew. With the advantage of having another company in our holding frame with its great experience in tourism and travel industry, with crew Accommodation and Transportation arrangements, we certainly hold advantageous prices without compromising the service quality of our Accommodation and Transportation services. Customer satisfaction is our priority and guaranteed with Merkur Aviation Flight Support services.

We hold our Transportation services with various segmented comfort vans which you can find the best option for your budget. With Accommodation arrangement services our professional team finds the best option that suits your needs with the best available price option within your time interval. With Merkur Aviation Accommodation and Transportation services, we ensure full satisfaction and safety just as any other Flight support service that we offer.

Prices and More Information on Accommodation and Transportation Arrangement Services

With Merkur Aviation, you can get the best combination of price and flight support services without compromising quality and comfort. Our experienced Flight Support team arranges the best Accommodation Transportation service combinations for our clients. In order to find out more about our Accommodation and Transportation services or our Flight Support services you can contact us 24/7 or visit us in person in our offices, we are looking forward to welcome you to Merkur Aviation family. 

Catering arrangements

Within our Flight Support services/ Ground-handling service scope at Merkur Aviation, we also offer Catering services for our clients also in charter flights. With our experiences in the Aviation area over the years, we know exactly what can upgrade a flight operation by adding the best quality attachments. Therefore, our professional team works hard to meet your expectations, fulfill your needs and we are ready for every scenario that can happen in charter flight operations. Since Catering services are a huge part of in-flight services in a flight operation regardless of whether it is a charter flight, it needs great attention to detail and extra care and as Merkur Aviation, our professional team is there to put effort into your Catering arrangements in any charter flight operation of yours. 

With Merkur Aviation Catering services a delicate charter flight experience is waiting for you.

VIP Catering Arrangements

Under our Catering Arrangements we also offer VIP arrangements for our clients in charter flight operations. As part of our Flight Support/Ground-handling scope, we have agreements with catering companies that will uplift the catering services in each charter flight. Within this perspective we are able to arrange any kind of menu that is requested by our customers both for the passengers and the crew on board in charter flights. As per your request we also offer VIP Catering services for our customers which includes menu arrangements according to your will as specialized menu options. Merkur Aviation team pays great attention to each catering arrangement of yours whether it is a VIP catering service request or a regular service in any kind of flight operation including charter flights.

Prices and More Information on Catering Arrangements

In Merkur Aviation we offer various Flight Support services for charter flights and each service has its own arrangements and prices. Prices of Catering services changes according to the arrangements we provide for you in charter flights. Merkur Aviation team will be more than happy to inform you about the necessary details of our Catering service arrangements. In order to find out more about our Catering services or our Flight Support services in general, you can contact us 24/7 or visit us in our offices. With Merkur Aviation services you can upgrade your level of satisfaction and service quality in charter flights, we are looking forward to welcome you to our Merkur Aviation family.


Like any other Flight support services Fixed-base operator (FBO) services are varied as well and they usually handle private aviation, aircraft passengers & services and also hangarage services. A FBO handles most of the so-called boring but important details about your flight operation as part of flight support services. In Merkur Aviation we also offer FBO and Hangarage arrangements within our Flight Support service scope. Our dedicated team puts great effort to provide you the best quality FBO services to ensure a smooth flight operation and Hangarage services to provide a safe and secure space for your aircraft to stay at the airport. In Merkur Aviation Flight Support services you can enjoy FBO & Hangarage arrangements with our touch. 

Hangarage Services

The Hangarage service is perfect for aircraft owners who is worried about the safety of their aircrafts whilst at the airport. Therefore, among other flight support services, hangar spaces are also highly preferable to ensure safety. With hangar spaces you are able to keep your aircraft away from any weather conditions that may harm the aircraft or just to keep it safe and secure. Also, with hangarage services you can reduce the maintenance costs while preserving your aircraft in safe conditions. The hangarage service can be arranged as short-term or long-term with maximum security. 

Upon your request our team can arrange Hangarage services with modern aviation hangars that will suit your aircraft’s needs as well as other flight support services in Merkur Aviation.

Prices and More Information on FBO & Hangarage Services

As Merkur Aviation we offer a wide-range of Flight Support services to our customers with the touch of our experiences in the sector.  We care about the safety and security of your aircraft therefore, we offer FBO services with Merkur privilege and upon your request we can also arrange Hangarage services. In order to learn more about our FBO & Hangarage services or Flight support services in general, you can contact us 24/7 or visit us in our offices. We will be more than happy to welcome you to our Merkur Aviation family and ensure your business’ safety with our flight support services. 

Security arrangements

Security is an important part of each sector in business but for Aviation business it is more than important since each step of every operation and aircraft management has to be secure both for the sake of people and the aircrafts as well. Aviation business is a sector which connects the world through networks that are crucial for global business and since Air transport is also considered as the safest and fastest way of transport, it has to be supervised and controlled carefully if everything is in check with the necessary security regulations and the precautions that are taken to avoid any distress. Therefore, it is important for businesses to include security arrangements to their Flight Support service scope and as a leading company in aviation business, we also offer Security services at Merkur Aviation.

If you are in aviation business and looking for solid solutions to your Security matters, Merkur Aviation is the right place for you.

Supervision of Security Services

 Based on our experiences in the aviation business as Merkur Aviation, we understand the importance of security, therefore we offer Security Arrangements within our Flight support services to our customers. We have a team of professionals who are well-experienced in the aviation business and security matters. Our team members will be there with you through each step of every flight operation by supervising and intervening in any case of difficulty. Our professional team supervises each security service starting from the Check-in desk and all the way to the aircraft in each flight operation to prevent any security breaches that often occurs in aviation businesses.

For More Information on Security Arrangements in Aviation Business

Security arrangements are a must in Aviation business and to ensure security you have to rely on the fact that you are working with the best. As a leading company in aviation business for Merkur Aviation, Security Arrangements are not just necessary; they are our priority. As a leading company in aviation business, you can be sure that you are in good hands. If you would like to benefit from our Security arrangement services or our Flight support services in general, you can contact us 24/7 or visit us in our offices.  As Merkur Aviation team, we will be more than happy to help and assure that you have a safe and hassle-free flight operation and have a secure aviation business. 

Dispatching arrangements

Dispatching arrangements are really important for flight operations and vital for flight support services. A Dispatch service helps pilots to understand the complex multiple data and take informed decisions about the flight route and schedule during a flight operation. Dispatch services ensure an efficient and smooth flight operation and they are relied as a flight support service to ensure a safe deportation and landing for each flight operation.

Dispatch services are included in the flight support services for each step of every flight operation. They are in compliance with the necessary regulations and the dispatch service is customized for each customer’s specific flight operation. As a leading company in the Aviation business, we offer Dispatch arrangements within our flight support service scope at Merkur Aviation. Our professional team is ready to bear your operational burdens while ensuring a safe and efficient flight operation.


At Merkur Aviation we work with professional and experienced team members in every flight support services that we offer and the same goes for the dispatchers we work with as well. Dispatchers are crucial in assuring an efficient flight operation and if you are offering this flight support service, you should be able to trust your personnel in delivering the best. Our well-trained dispatchers are always ready to plan and monitor the progress of your flight operation, generate and deliver computer flight plans, permits, slots, weather charts/reports, NOTAMs (notice to airman) and more 24/7. Dispatchers help to safeguard a smooth journey at take-off, landing and during the flight, therefore they pay attention to every detail, data and information whilst filing your flight plan in every flight operation. Therefore, Dispatching arrangements are included in Merkur Flight support services.

For More Information on Dispatch Services

Merkur Aviation is a leading company in the aviation sector and we serve in accordance with our quality and safety standards in every Flight Support service we offer. With Merkur Dispatch services, you are assured to have a smooth, well-organized and efficient flight operations. In order to find out more about our Dispatch services or our Flight Support services in general you can contact us 24/7 or visit us in our offices. 

Overflight, Landing Permission & Airport Slots

As a part of our representation service Over-flight & Landing permits must be obtained before the aircraft can legally enter the airspace of another country or to land on it. Merkur Aviation has gained an international reputation that enabled us to obtain these permits even in matters of short notice in the shortest time-frame possible. As a result, we save you from the trouble of bothering yourself with whether you can secure the permit or not by taking care of it ourselves and let you work on other details of your flight.

Our honest relationship with Turkish Civil Aviation Authorities and experience with Civil Aviation Authorities across the globe as well as our prices has always separated us from our competitors and enabled us to obtain Over-flight and Landing permits at such short notices.

We arrange Over-flight & Landing permits from regular CAA channels or diplomatic channels in case needed for various flights, such as;

-Private Jet

-Air Ambulance



-State & Military Flights

Slot confirmation is the beginning of the whole flight process and has great operational and financial importance both for commercial carriers and private aircrafts. Slot Coordination Center of the Turkish Civil Aviation Authority is the only unit coordinating all the airports around Turkey.

We have the natural advantage of having the highest level of professionalism and knowledge about Airport Slot related issues and you will be having the privilege of Merkur Aviation acting on behalf of you.

Especially, it does worth to mention that except the failures caused by external reasons other than our service, so far there has not been any breach of slot hours and all slot inquiries made by Merkur Aviation have been granted. For seasonal schedules, historic slot rights can be preserved for the next season.

Maintenance arrangements

Maintenance arrangements is vital for flight support services since they perform inspections, overhauls, repairing and maintenance checks and they are essential to meet the scheduling needs of the aircraft. As Merkur Aviation we respect your goal to have your aircraft back in the air with the shortest ground time possible, so we have included Maintenance arrangements in our Flight Support service scope.  We are structured to manage all of your maintenance needs by offering a full spectrum of services from inspections to aircraft modifications and quality flight support services.

Maintenance Service

Maintenance service is a type of flight support services that check and monitor whether all the legal, operational and specific requirements such as technical issues, additional safety measurements or in-flight services are met and if they are in compliance with necessary regulations and standards. Maintenance arrangements covers from aircraft overhauls to repairment of the aircraft, heavy maintenance and to technical management, so it is very varied. As Merkur Aviation, we also offer varied Flight Support services including Maintenance arrangements specialized in all your maintenance requirements. In each Merkur Flight Support service we work with dedicated professionals whose responsibility is to make sure that your flight operation is ready without any hassle. Our team members are also responsible to fulfill the technical requirements, monitoring the repair process and maintenance of support and planning services. We make sure that your flight is in check with necessary procedures for both on the ground and air by monitoring the status of the aircraft regularly. 

For More Information on Maintenance Services

We are a pioneer in the sector with our wide-range of Flight Support services and since Maintenance is a vital part of flight support services, we offer this service with Merkur privilege. If you would like to benefit from our Maintenance services or our flight support services in general, you can contact us 24/7 or visit us in our offices. 

Do not hesitate to contact with us regarding Flight support services. We would be more than happy to answer your questions and welcome you to Merkur Aviation and ensure your aircraft’s safety with our flight support services.

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