Supervision & Representation

We offer representation and supervision services ensuring a complete and smooth airline operation.
We are experinced in assisting airlines in start-up operations dealing with the Department of Transportation and Civil Aviation Authority and liaising with the airport authorities,

We are specialised in providing first class station management, representation and supervisory services to airlines and aircraft operators flying to all Turkish airports

Representation :
We work dedicatedly to represent airlines and provide our mutual clients with superior aviation services. We represent our highly esteemed airline companies in front of the civil aviation authority and local authorities. Using our connections to facilitate permits and official documents. We ensure that all expenses are covered to streamline our airline work partners operations

Supervision :
Monitoring everything during the operations, arbitrate on any issue that may arrive. We make sure that we keep an overview on the complete operation, enableing us to make the correct decissions. We make sure that all service providers deliver up to the agreed standard and motivate all staff involved to give their best . We let airlines feel comfortable during their flights under Merkur supervision .

Ground Handling Support

We arrange and supervise all kinds of services in scope of Ground Handling, including Ramp, Passenger Services, VIP arrangements and Cargo handling.

Our professional and well trained field supervisors’ priority is to ensure our customers receive healthy ground support and handling Services. All aviation experts know how Ground Handling companies around the world deals with many flights at a time and this usually results in lack of quality. We are your seeing- eye, supervising handling Services to make sure you receive what you pay for.

We understand the very sensitive nature of handling VIP, Corporate and Ambulance flights, and we handle them with special care and deliver the highest quality of all services requested. Our extensive network of global service partners are all focused on fulfilling your chartering needs;

Whether it's Members of a Parliament, Diplomats, Senior Public Servants, International Dignitaries, Chief Executive Officers of major companies or even Royalty, all VIP's enjoy our 5-star service.

Our attention to detail and uncompromising commitment to your satisfaction enable us to be among the very best in the field of VIP Flights.

Air Ambulance
At Merkur Aviation, we can arrange the very best in worldwide air ambulance flight services regardless of the severity of the patient’s illness. We routinely provide air ambulance services for critical or non-critical patient flights both domestically and internationally.

If you are looking for fast, efficient and friendly service - we are at your reach 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to accommodate all your air ambulance needs to the maximum level of safety and efficiency.

Private / Business
Besides handling your Business Flights at the quality level of royalty, in cooperation with a variety of reputable and certified air charter operators, Merkur Aviation makes sure to select just the right plane for our client's mission

Whatever your needs are, you are guaranteed to have an aircraft suitable for your trip.
Our team works with efficiency and discretion, arranging and organizing your trip, making sure you get the best possible combination of price and service.

Fuel arrangement

With Merkur Aviation, you are absolutely assured to get both, reliable and cost-efficient fueling services which meet the growing demands and standards of your business. By the volume of fuel supplied, we certainly hold advantageous prices to offer to our customers at all times. For competitive fuel price quotations for any location, Turkey and worldwide, just contact our offices 24 / 7, and our professional and courteous staff will be more than willing to provide you with up-to-date competitive fuel prices.

Due to the sheer volume of fuel that Merkur Aviation provides its clients, we can pass on the benefits of "lower fuel prices" to our customers immediately.

Accomodation & Transportation arrangements

We have special agreements with hotels in order to provide discount prices for our guests and crew. We handle transportations with comfort vans to ensure full satisfaction and safety.

With our great experience in tourism and travel industry, we handle incoming and outgoing travel programs, conferences, seminars and arrange hotel accommodations, daily tours, sightseeing tours, bus and van transfers, rent-a-car / limo Services and all other travel and tourism related services.

We also have our branch ticketing offices at Istanbul International Airport with in the city center of Istanbul & Ankara , serving our customers everyday on a 24 hour basis.

Catering arrangements

Merkur Aviation offers catering of all kinds with the highest quality and standards, most of our customer airlines has chosen our catering services over their old catering suppliers in time because of our quality and competitive prices. We are also specialized in VIP catering which requires great excellence and focus.

FBO & Hangarage arrangements

Our proffesional staff is trained to ensure the highest level of service to our travelling guests,also the hangars we arrange are great choices for aircraft owners who want to keep their aircraft in airport with good conditions

Security arrangements

Security is one of the most important subjects in aviation today. Merkur Aviation provides and supervises security services, starting at the check-in desk all the way to the aircraft. Security staffs guarding aircrafts during ramp, X-ray baggage checking during loading, dedicated guards for overnight parking are some of the security services we provide for our customers.

Dispatching arrangements

Our well trained dispatchers are always ready to plan and monitor the progress of your flights, generate and deliver computer flight plans, permits, slots, weather charts/reports, NOTAMs (notice to airman) and more 24/7, to ensure the smoothest journey possible, while filing your flight plan.

Overflight , Landing Permission & Airport Slots

Over-flight & Landing Permits must be obtained before the aircraft can legally enter the airspace of another country or land on it. Merkur Aviation has gained an international reputation being able to obtain these essential permits also as short notice situations in the shortest time-frame possible, As a result, saving you from the hassle of having to secure for these permits yourself, leaving you free to work on the other details of your flight…

Our honest relationship with Turkish Civil Aviation Authorities, experience with the Civil Aviation Authorities around the World as well as our prices has always separated us from our competitors, and enable us to obtain over-flight and landing permits at such short notices. We arrange Over-flight & Landing Permits for various flights, such as:

- Private Jet
- Air Ambulance
- Cargo
- Passenger
- State & Military Flights. 

Slot confirmation is the beginning of the whole flight planning process and has great operational and financial importance both for commercial carriers and private aircrafts. Slot Coordination Center of the Turkish Civil Aviation Authority is the only unit coordinating all the airports of Turkey.

We have the natural advantage of having the highest level of professionalism and knowledge about Airport Slot related issues, and you will be having the privilege of Merkur Aviation acting on behalf of you and the peace in mind.

Especially, it does worth to mention that, except the failures of the Aircraft Crew, so far there has not been any breach of slot hours, and all slot inquiries made by Merkur Aviation have been granted.

Maintenance arrangements

We respect your goal to have your aircraft back in the air with the shortest groundtime possible, Merkur Aviation is structured to manage all of your maintenance needs, offering a full spectrum of services.

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