As Merkur Aviation we offer our customers the comfort of feeling safe and we are exactly the right place for an optimum and affordable prices and we pay extra attention to fulfil our quality commitments by providing 24/7 assistance with our professional team who works with endless energy to achieve and sustain our goals both locally and globally. The team you are working with is a key factor to success and satisfaction that's why we have a team that is not just experienced but also skillful and informed, they are all aware of the position that they are in and the responsibilities that comes with it and dedicated to their work by heart and a firm believer of professionalism.

Our vision as Merkur Aviation is to render our brand as a reliable, well-known and a preferable company in the sector. As an idealist company, we aim to expand our services in various areas by always working hard for the better and continue to improve our company to go further in the future, therefore we never stay at where we are today and evolve all the time.

In Merkur Aviation we don't differ our customer's business from our own company and we work with the same sense of responsibility and perfectionism. An uninterrupted flight operation is not just our responsibility but also our main goal to sustain the airlines' existence in Turkey market.

With Merkur Aviation high-quality standards, continuous care, reliability and excellence in service is guaranteed; with us you can upgrade your quality for the better.

We share the principles and aims of the Merkur Holding of whom we are part of and we serve through its ethic rules, local and global regulations and customer satisfaction criteria.

24/7 IOCC
Atatürk Airport, Genel Havacılık Terminal
Door E / Hangar 13, Bakırköy 34179

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