Crypto Currency Era in Airplane Charter, Merkur Holding and More

Merkur Holding which has completed its 18th year with its companies in the sectors Aviation, Tourism and Logistics, continues to expand its service areas and its investments.

Crypto currency is not just a tool for investment but also a payment method in trade in todays world. Merkur Holding's charter company Merkur Jet has also transformed itself into this digitalized age and offers its customers to pay with crypto currency which is a first both in the sector and in Turkey and through this system it has already carried out safe sales.

Merkur Holding's Supervision & Representation company Merkur Aviation starts to offer dispatch services as of April 1st by claiming its Flight Operation license. 

Merkur Holding has taken a step further on its investments and has established a new company named Merkur Air in Greece for private jet operations as a air taxi company which is a solid step on Merkur's goals for outside of Turkey. This way Merkur Holding has taken a big step on constructing new business outside of Turkey with the name of Merkur. 

Merkur Holding's steps towards growth and development will continue in line with its goals. 

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